In 2020, our world changed.  In the video above, discover how Emmanuel responded and the approach we’re taking as a church family to not simply survive these challenging times but to thrive in the midst of them.

Stay Connected

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Some Ways to Respond and Help

During times of crises many of us want to know what we can do to help and demonstrate, in tangible ways, the love and character of Jesus Christ and His church.  We’ve compiled a brief list of ideas.  Be wise and pray diligently as you discern how God would have you be part of bringing health in this season.

Deliver Meals- Be an on-call driver for Meals on Wheels (M-F, 11am-1pm)
Ralph Reeder Foodshelf is operated by our local school district and helps over 900 households in our neighborhood each month gain free food!
Serve Meals to the homeless (ages 12+). Do a quick medical screening for guests. No need for a medical background. PPE provided. Donations still accepted. Hand-sewn masks, travel-sized hygiene items, and baby diapers are in high need.
Donate Blood- Blood donations are needed now! Here’s a link to see where and when you can do this.
Check in with neighbors or those with compromised immune systems and see if you can pick anything up for them.

Need Help?

If you need prayer, our Prayer Request form is the best way to let us know how we can support and pray for you.
We know this season has lots of challenges. We want to help. Click above to let us know how we can help you.


Resources to help with stress and anxiety

Binge-Worthy Media

Some resources that are better than the ones you’ll find on cable, resources to help those who are experiencing elevated STRESS and ANXIETY, and more.

We’ve curated a playlist of songs to help manage your stress and anxiety by pointing to the hope we have in our Firm Foundation.
The Bible Project walks you through the Bible with amazing stories, graphics, and teaching. The videos will help bring the Bible to life in new ways.
The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season series based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ. Watch for FREE now at Check out our videos for our story and biblical foundation.

Helpful Sermon Series from our archives

Fear and anxiety were at record levels before Covid-19 was on anyone’s radar. This series gives us practical tools for finding hope in the midst of the fear.
Binge watching seems to the coping mechanism many of us turn to but at what cost? Here’s some practical help for managing all the screens in your home.


Share Your Stories!

So many of you are doing so many innovative, God-honoring things!  If you have ideas that you think might help others, please send them to Pastor Jason ( or the staff contact most directly associated with your idea.

For example…. Got a great idea for how we can handle the new “childcare crisis”?  Please pass your thoughts along to Kim Gayner (

Concerned About Our Partners?

From the start, Emmanuel has been committed to looking out for the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable.  If you’re looking for ways to look out for others during this season, we applaud you!


We’ll Get Through This Together

We love you, we’re committed to you, and we’re here for you.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns that we haven’t addressed above, contact Kelsey Crenshaw and she’ll put you in touch with the family member whose best positioned to help.

With hope,

Pastor Chris