What is Small Church?

What is Small Church?

Small Church is Emmanuel Covenant Church intentionally gathering in neighborhoods in order to bring the Experience of God into our communities.

A Vital Discipleship Model

Small Church is a group of people dedicated to growing closer together and closer to God. At its core this discipleship model will have three guiding principles.

  • To Be Invitational- Small Church is an environment for friends and neighbors to come and see what it looks like to live as followers of Christ. Therefore, each of our Small Churches should be places where all are welcomed and invited to Experience God with Us.
  • To Be Organized Geographically- Small Church is meant to be a neighborhood gathering of people doing life together and bringing light to their neighborhoods. Our goal is to bring the experience of God into every neighborhood where Emmanuel people live.
  • To Be Raising up Leaders- Our desire is for a growing number of people to experience Small Church. Therefore, the Small Church Leadership Network (all the Small Church leaders) will identify and raise up new Small Church leaders so that new Small Churches can extend into new communities across the north metro.

A Vital Outreach Model

Discipleship divorced from service is not discipleship. We don’t just exist to invite people to come and Experience God With Us. We also go out and bring the Experience of God With Us to the World. Therefore, Small Church will provide opportunities designed to get us out of our walls, out of our comfort zones, and into the lives of those in our neighborhoods, our communities, our schools and on those on the fringes.

Making an ImpactEvery Small church can find ways to serve and bless our communities. Need help finding your group’s impact? We have ideas for you!


How does Small Church Work?

F O O D  | eat together

Food is magical. Meals played a central role in the ministry of Jesus. Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding feast. Jesus ate with everyone: religious leaders, prostitutes, tax collectors, and friends. Food matters. Hospitality is a spiritual discipline that can be a great form of evangelism. The food can be anything from a box of donuts, to sit-down dinner, to celebrating communion together. It will be different in every group, and that’s part of the beauty.

W O R D | grow together

Small Church study will be shaped by God’s Word and our Church-wide Sunday morning teaching series. We will do our best to provide great biblically based teaching every week in Big Church as well as supplementary materials and questions for each Small Church to dig into together.

L I F E | be together

Small Church is about doing life together. We gather to celebrate, support, pray, and even mourn and laugh with one another. By simply being together we intentionally make room for life-giving relationships with others. It also provides us the opportunity to learn and practice how to care for one another.

I M P A C T | serve together

What happens in Small Church is meant to equip us to go outside of our walls, contexts, and comfort zones to serve our communities in Jesus’ name. We continually ask how we can take what we have learned and live it out in our communities.


More Group Life Opportunities

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