The world may have changed in 2020, but our mission hasn’t.  Emmanuel exists to help more people become more like Christ in authentic community.

Sunday Services

In Person Worship Services

Services Times

  • 9:00am (Shoreview Room)
  • 10:00 am (Community Room)
  • 11:00 am (Shoreview Room)

Register in Advance

In order to help ensure we don’t exceed capacity and allow for communication of any known COVID-19 exposure, we’re asking everyone to Register.  Simply click the button above and follow the prompts.

Online Services

Our Online Services allow us to reach more people in more places and provide the safest option for those at highest risk.  You can stream Emmanuel’s services from the home page of our website and you can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.

Join our online community!

Are you attending ECC primarily or exclusively online in this season? We would love to connect with you to learn how we can best support you and create a community just for you. Register today, and let’s create an Online Sunday Experience more personal, engaging, and interactive than ever before.

Contact Pastor Caitlyn ( if you have questions, or ideas you would like to share.


@ Shoreview Community Center

Sunday Mornings

4580 Victoria Street North, Shoreview, MN 55126
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What To Expect

Emmanuel is an intergenerational family that values authenticity.  We’re committed to making our church family both a safe place for those exploring Christ’s claims and a challenging place for those desiring to make His message and mission their own.

We don’t duck the hard stuff!  Messages are anchored in Scripture and applicable to life.  We invite you to explore difficult Bible Passages with us and apply them to the complex circumstances we’re facing.

Our Worship Services draw from the from the best of the old and the new.  We invite you to learn hymns, creeds, prayers, and blessings that are centuries old and experience new forms of expression that the Holy Spirit is inspiring in our day.

Over the course of a teaching series, we’ll refer you to books and online resources that you can use to take a deeper dive.  Over the course of a year, we’ll take you on an intentionally-crafted discipleship journey that will guide us through pressing issues and questions, embrace the seasons of Advent and Lent, take us deeper into studies of both the Old and the New Testaments, and equip us with essential skills such as discerning God’s voice and effectively reaching out to a lost and broken world.


How is ECC responding to Covid?

We actually have a whole page for that.   Click Here for more information.

Why do I have to register in advance?

Registering in advance is important for a number of reasons:

  1. It allows us to make sure we’ll have room for everybody given our new limited seating realities.
  2. It allows us to track how many people are attending each hour so that we can make adjustments when needed.
  3. It allows us to do contact tracing if we ever needed to.

How does social distancing work in the services?

We’ve set up our worship service spaces at about half-capacity and are using tables, set 6 feet apart, to mark out household worship circles.  We have tables for 1, for 2, for 4, all the way up to 6.  No matter how big or small your household, we’re ready for you.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yep. The Shoreview Community Center requires everybody over the age of 5 to wear masks when inside the building.

Do you offer programming for kids?

Emmanuel is a place where kids aren’t simply a face in the crowd.  When it’s safe to do so, we offer an on-site, age-specific Nursery and Kids Church.

Our kids love the fun-filled activities that captivate their hearts and minds.  Our parents love the personalized attention from qualified and caring leaders.

  • Kids are safe, valued, and known by name.
  • Kids learn about the Bible and learn from the Bible.
  • Kids have the opportunity to take part in “Big Church” traditions, like our annual Palm Sunday Processional.
  • We offer fun family events, marriage enrichment opportunities, and parenting seminars throughout the year.

This is an especially challenging season for kids ministry and our Kids Team is rising to that challenge.  Contact Melissa Knudson ( for the latest opportunities for kids.

What's your approach to teaching?

Jesus was the Master Teacher.  We do our best, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to follow His example as we share the Gospel.

Sometimes we begin with a Book of the Bible or Portion of Scripture and apply it to our situation (i.e. “expository teaching”).

Sometimes we begin with an important question or issue and seek to understand it through the lens of Scripture (i.e. “topical teaching”).

Each and every week we do our best to teach as Jesus taught.  We ask questions, we utilize story-telling, we challenge people to respond, and we anchor everything to the Word of God.

We also apply the principles that we see in the Book of Acts, where Paul uses cultural references as a jumping off point for teaching people about Jesus (Acts 17:22-34).

One of the unique characteristics of Emmanuel’s approach to teaching comes from the fact that our Founding Pastor was a trained educator.  Over the course of a year, we take people on a journey that’s aligned with specific discipleship outcomes, over the course of a teaching series we point people to books and online resources that they can use to take a deeper dive, and we challenge our Teaching Team to craft weekly messages with different learning styles in mind.

What about the music?

There’s freedom here to engage God in a sincere, heartfelt way as we worship through song.  We draw from the best of the old and the new.  Over the course of a teaching series, you’ll have the opportunity to join your voices with ours as we sing new songs, vintage hymns, and a few “forgotten favorites” from a couple decades back.

Each week you can count on musical excellence and God-honoring lyrics. You can also count on our worship leaders directing our focus to God rather than drawing attention to themselves.

Is there a dress code?

There’s no dress code at Emmanuel. Come as you are.

If I show up, am I going to get put on nursery duty?

That depends… Are you good with kids? Just kidding! We hope you find us to be really friendly, not really intrusive. You’re our guest; we won’t ask you to do the dishes.

Is there anything else I should know?

Our services are less than an hour in length.

Shoreview Community Center

Built for community

Emmanuel meets in the Shoreview Community Center on Sunday mornings. We’re honored that God opened the doors to such a public and influential meeting space.