Membership is a covenant that enables us to partner together in more significant ways.

The word covenant means in it together.  In a covenant, two parties enter into an agreement that establishes and defines the nature of the relationship.

God is a covenant maker and keeper.  Covenants are to His people as roots are to trees.  Entering into a covenant with a specific group of believers promotes accountability, fosters life-giving relationships, and encourages personal investment.

In addition to these inherent benefits of covenant relationships, becoming a member equips you with a both a voice and a vote when it comes to decisions that affect our church family.

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Attending the Annual Meeting?

Emmanuel’s members have a voice and a vote in our most important decisions. Join us as we honor what God did in 2020, elect key leaders, vote on our budget, and look ahead to where God is leading us. Click here for more details or to register.

Turning 18 soon?

We love kids at ECC, but to be a member you need to be an adult.  If you’re almost 18 we’d love to have you join us our Explore Membership class.